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10ft Curve Velcro Fabric Pop Up Display

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Easy to assemble, using fabric material for the image.
Use velcro holding the image on the stand. 
Fold with the graphic when you don't need it and expand the stand to re-showing the graphic.
graphic material: 9 oz tension fabric
package size: 33" L x 13" H x 14" W
Package weight: 35lbs

Blue Color Setting:

“Blue” needs at least 30% difference value between Cyan and Magenta.

We strongly recommend to set low amount of magenta when you have high level of Cyan to avoid purple.

30% difference is the key to avoid the final printed fabric turning purple.

See Sample Below:

Black Color Setting:

“Black” suggested CMYK level at: C60 M40 Y40 K100

This setting will deliver the true rich black tone for fabric printing.

See Sample Below: do not color match, Thank you for your understanding.

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template STRAIGHT VELCRO FABRIC FOLD-ABLE STAND/10ft Curve Velcro Banner, STRAIGHT VELCRO FABRIC FOLD-ABLE STAND/10ft Curve Velcro Banner Template.pdf