777 Sign Frequently Asked Questions


General Questions

Do you offer a sample kit?

Yes. We offer a complimentary sample kit for our customers to see and feel the quality of our production. You can request one via the Free Sample Kit button on the bottom panel of the 777 Sign website once you register an account.

Is there a minimum quantity or value per order?

Though we keep our prices as competitive as possible, all printed items have a minimum charge to account for production costs.

How do I submit more than one order?

Our website only allows one artwork file per job, thus you will need to create a job for each item you would like us to print for you.

Can I cancel my order?

You may cancel an order if it is not yet printed, i.e., it is shown as Next In Queue on the Order Status page. Contact customer support via info@777sign.com or call (702-754-5052) and request to cancel.
We will ask you to provide your name, your account number, and the order number.

Shipping and Exchanges

How do I exchange or return an item?

Our warranty agreement covers exchanges and refunds for orders within five days of purchase. This does not include any damage or loss due to weather and does not cover stand products’ carrying cases/bags/boxes. Please call or e-mail 777 Sign with any questions you may have about exchanges.

Can I upgrade my shipping?

You may select to use an alternative method of shipping if the order has not reached Packing status. The upgrade will be at your own cost, and we charge a repackaging or upgrade service fee of $15.

Can I pick up my order?

Yes. If your order is produced at a 777 Sign facility that is close to your location, you may be able to either pick up your order or take advantage of our local delivery service option.