Currently, FedEx may delay ground / Express shipment. We recommend ordering within a wider time frame (2-3 extra days from ETA delivery date) before your deadline to avoid any issues. Once orders have left our facility, we will have no control over when orders are delivered.

General Questions

1. How do I signup to be a member?
You can sign up by clicking "create an account" at the top left corner.
2. Does 777 Sign have specifications on how to set up my artwork before submission?
Yes. Under About us>F.A.Q.s tab above, you will find lots of information on how to set up you files.
3. Does 777 Sign have templates I can download to help me with my artwork?
Templates are available from our Templates tab located at the bottom of the website page. All our templates are free to download as many times as you want. EPS templates are available for people who use illustrator and we also have JPG templates for all other programs. CLICK HERE! to access the page.
4. Where can I check the status for my orders?
When logged in, you can click on the Order Status page located on the menu bar. You then click on My Orders. This tab will show you more in detail of what your job status for each order is.
5. What if I have a job that is not available on the site?
We have an estimating service that will check to see if we can do the job, and if we can, give you a price within 24 hours. When logged in, under Estimate on the menu bar, the Estimates link will take you to our estimating form. Or click here. 
6. How can I contact 777sign incase I have questions?
We have many ways you can contact 777sign Customer Support. Contact us by phone 702 754 5052. Contact us by email:
7. What do I do if I have a problem with my printed job?
There are mutiple ways to get your problem solved quickly. You can e-mail us or give us a call at: 702 754 5052.
8. Can I place my order by mail or through email?
All 777 sign orders must only be ordered through the website. No exceptions can be made.
9. What browsers work best with your web site?
We recommend using the latest version of all browsers with our website. Most users favor Chrome. 
10. How long will it take for my shipment to be at my location if I used Ground?
Below will show you the estimated turnaround time from Las Vegas, NV to anywhere in the United States region.

11. Can I use your print product on any 3rd party Hardware? 
 We don't guarantee and recommend our customer use our print product on 3rd party hardware.
12.  Can I request customize finishing that now showing on your website?
  Our products has our own finishing template and our own production process. So we don't provide any customize finishing that not listed in our finishing options.

13When I uploaded my file it shows adjust for me, what does adjust for me means? 

That means your file uploaded doesn't match the dimension that you entered, we only adjust the size for you match the dimension you entered. We don't guarantee the quality after adjust. If you want to make sure the file to good to print, please choose E-mail proof service.

15. How do I leave some instruction for my order? Will you guarantee what I request?

You can add comments about your order after you pick your shipping option. When you typing in your comments, we already warning you that we DO NOT guarantee it and also may increase your turnaround time.

16. Is That Your Color Proof 100 % Accuracy?

Please note color can't match the final product 100% due to the fact that proofs are created in a different way than the printed piece and the customer supplied proofs are not calibrated to our presses.

17. How you 777Sign will keep my order for store pick before discard?

Normally we keep the customer's order 1 - 2 weeks for pick up.  The large quantity order will be 3 weeks. After 2 - 3 weeks, after that, we may no longer keep your item, your order will be removed from pick zone. We don't guarantee we can get it back and we will not reprint or refund the order.