Currently, FedEx may delay ground / Express shipment. We recommend ordering within a wider time frame (2-3 extra days from ETA delivery date) before your deadline to avoid any issues. Once orders have left our facility, we will have no control over when orders are delivered.

Our Help Center

1. Can anyone signup to be a member?
This is a Trade-Only website. Only valid resellers can sign-up.
2. Does 777 Sign have specifications on how to set up my artwork before submission?
Yes. At the top of the page, About us>F.A.Q.s, you will find lots of information on how to set up your files. The File Submission FAQ's page will give you detailed information on common issues and tips.
3. Does 777 Sign have templates I can download to help me with my artwork?
Templates are available on our "Templates" located at the top of the webpage. All our templates are free to download as many times as you want. Templates come in zips of (.jpg, .pdf, .epf). Choose whichever will suit you.
4. Where can I check the status for my orders?
When logged in, under My Account>View your order history, will give you status on all your pending orders.
5. How do I Cancel an Order?
Orders that have passed the Processing Status, cannot be Refunded/Canceled unless stated otherwise by the processor. If your order is still in processing, please contact us to make adjustments to the order.
6. How can I contact 777 Sign in case I have questions?
You can contact us directly at: (702) 754-6360. Or by e-mail at
7. What do I do if I have a problem with my printed job?
There are mutiple ways to get your problem solved quickly. Under the Contact Us tab below, you can email us at: or call at: (702) 754-6360.
8. Can I place my order by mail or through email?
All 777 Sign orders must only be ordered through the website. No exceptions can be made.
9. What browsers work best with your web site?
We recommend using the latest version of all browsers with our website. Google Chrome is most favorable from our customers. 
10. Does 777 Sign offer a pricing or weight guide for shipping?
We do not provide a pricing or weight list, but you may get immediate shipping pricing on our website when placing an order.
11. What type of shipping services does 777 sign use?
We currently use FEDEX to ship our packages.
12. Does 777 sign provide shrink wrapping?
We do not provide shrink wrapping as a service. If I am outside the US and Canada am I responsible for paying FEDEX the custom fees (ie: taxes, duties, etc.) on shipping? Yes. All international customers are responsible for paying the custom fees (i.e.: taxes, duties, etc.) to FEDEX upon receiving the order. 4over Inc. will only charge our customers for shipping fees.
13. If I am outside the US and Canada am I responsible for paying FEDEX the custom fees (ie: taxes, duties, etc.) on shipping? 
Yes. All international customers are responsible for paying the custom fees (i.e.: taxes, duties, etc.) to Fedex upon receiving the order.
14. When I uploaded my file it shows adjust for me, what does adjust for me means? 
That means your file uploaded doesn't match the dimension that you entered, we only adjust the size for you match the dimension you entered. We don't guarantee the quality after adjust. If you want to make sure the file to good to print, please choose E-mail proof service.
15. If I need blind/drop ship, will you help me?
Yes, as a wholesale vendor we are more than happy to help you with blind/dropship. All our items haven't contained any logo, and 777sign will never attach any shop book to any package for any order. All invoices/receipts are electronic versions and only can be downloaded from the website. Shipper information on the label will be 100% as the way you want. 
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