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Top 5 Great Trade Show Booth Ideas

Top 5 Great Trade Show Booth Ideas

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Are you heading for a trade show soon and looking for some great trade show booth ideas? 777 Sign is listing 5 of the best ideas for trade show booths.

Designing a booth for a trade show can be a hard task for any entrepreneur, especially if you want to stand out from the crowd. Whatever your business is, you need unique trade show booth ideas that will entice people to come visit you and that will separate your booth from others as the authority in your niche.
At 777 Sign, we offer the best in large format print fulfillment services, which help entrepreneurs find the marketing tools they need to be successful. We’re counting down 5 unique trade show booth ideas to inspire you to be the most remarkable—and memorable—booth at your next trade show.
Tip #1: Make Your Design Inviting And Warm To Attendees
If you know anything about convention centers, they feel the least like home; from large bright lights to the sheer large space of the convention floor, it is difficult to feel cozy. That is why you should make your booth more like home—an intimate display that reflects your business’ product or service.
There are a few ways to incorporate warm design into booths. One way is to build a home-like set piece. For example, with food-related products, make your display like a small café or an outdoor kitchen. Picturing actual scenes from one’s home or town will make attendees more relaxed and friendly towards your business.
Another interesting trade show booth idea is designing a warm-colored booth. Soothing colors and color palettes make people feel relaxed too, and attendees will be drawn to your warm colors. Also, try bright colors as well to make you stand out against the array of booths.
Tip #2: Keep Your Design Simple, Yet Understandable

Sometimes, simplicity makes for the greatest impact on booth design. A simply designed booth evokes clarity, precision, and authority. However, you need to be careful about relating to your audience. If your audience cannot make sense of your booth, then your branding and marketing will suffer.
A great example of a simple, yet effective, design was Alienware’s booth at Comic Con 2017. The computer company built a large box with text about their social media campaign surrounding it; the central feature of the display was a wall-mounted TV that allowed attendees to interact with social media posts from the event streaming in real time.
The design worked, because you could understand immediately what the design and message was. Also, the interactivity of the display helped draw people into Alienware’s booth. Interactivity is another important component of any display—adding in games or other novelties related to your business will make your brand appear fun and engaging.
Tip #3: Utilize Social Media During The Trade Show
Our next trade show booth idea is targeting your trade show’s audience with social media postings and ad campaigns. Social media is the best way to target your business’ audience, and being active on social media gives your business the opportunity to drive more traffic to your booth. You can try giveaways at the booth or special offers to entice people to stop by your booth.
Another crucial aspect of social media is targeting specific audiences. Understanding your audience is everything, so make sure you cater specifically to the attendees who will be walking around the trade show floor. For example, if your business involves music production, make sure to play some music for attendees going by your booth.
Engagement on social media will lead more people to connect with your business on a personal level and build trust in your brand. By providing giveaways on social media, you create exclusivity for fans of your business, which will also help to solidify your company’s position in your business niche.
Tip #4: Increase Your Visibility
Another important trade show booth idea is to increase visibility for your brand. Much like utilizing social media, another strategy to make your booth more approachable is to increase your visibility. There are many ways to do this beyond using social media, but one idea that we often recommend are branded products and marketing tools.
From banners to table covers, your booth will appear more outstanding and authoritative if you include some well-placed branded products. You can also purchase branded clothing for attendees, so they can sell your business for you while they walk around the trade show. Especially when you incorporate giveaways into your itinerary, you will notice that everyone will be asking about your content.
One final trade show booth idea to appear more visible to the passing crowd of attendees is advertising flags. Advertising flags are a great idea for any large trade show where your booth may be hard to find from just looking around. You can set the flags up on the outside of the trade show and direct attendees to where you are.
Tip #5: Make Your Design Memorable To The Attendees
Our last idea for your trade show booth is to make your booth design memorable. Every booth has the opportunity to leave a good impression on attendees, so designing your booth in order for attendees to not only recognize it but also remember it is key to any successful booth.
Whether you make a larger-than-life set piece or build an integrated, interactive display, you need to ensure that your business brand and identity sticks with attendees long after they have left your booth. You will gain attention and press for your booth and amplify your message beyond your display. By utilizing any of the above strategies, we are sure that your booth will be memorable and engaging for your audience.
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