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3/16" Foamcore ($300/box)

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What are the printing applications of Foamcore?

3/16" Foamcore board, also known as foam board or foamcore, is a lightweight and rigid material commonly used in the printing industry. It consists of a polystyrene foam core sandwiched between two layers of smooth, white clay-coated paper.

Foamcore board has several printing applications due to its unique properties:

Signage: Foamcore board is widely used for creating signs and displays. Its lightweight nature makes it easy to handle and hang, while its rigidity allows for stability and durability. Foamcore signs are commonly seen in retail stores, exhibitions, trade shows, and events.

Point-of-Purchase (POP) Displays: Foamcore board is a popular choice for creating POP displays, such as standees, cut-outs, and product stands. It can be easily shaped, cut, and folded to create three-dimensional structures, making it suitable for showcasing products and promotional materials.

Presentations and Visual Aids: Foamcore board is often used in educational and business settings for presentations and visual aids. It provides a sturdy backing for posters, charts, diagrams, and photographs, making them easier to display and handle during presentations.

Framing and Mounting: Foamcore board serves as an excellent backing material for framing artwork, photographs, and prints. Its lightweight construction makes it a practical choice for hanging artwork on walls without adding excessive weight.

Craft and DIY Projects: Foamcore board is a versatile material for various craft and do-it-yourself (DIY) projects. Its easy cutability and versatility make it suitable for creating architectural models, dioramas, prototypes, and other creative endeavors.

Indoor Display Panels: Foamcore board can be used as display panels in indoor settings, such as museums, galleries, and exhibitions. It offers a clean, professional appearance and can be easily printed with vibrant graphics and text.

It's important to note that foamcore board is primarily intended for indoor use as it is not designed to withstand outdoor weather conditions. Exposure to moisture or extreme temperatures can cause the board to warp or deteriorate.

In summary, 3/16" Foamcore board is a lightweight and rigid material commonly used in the printing industry. Its printing applications include signage, point-of-purchase displays, presentations, framing and mounting, craft projects, and indoor display panels. Its versatility, lightweight nature, and smooth surface make it a popular choice for various printing and display needs.

Product Features:

  • 3/16” thickness 
  • Box of 25 Standard 4’ x 8’ size sheet
  • Indoor Usage
  • $12 each sheet

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