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In recent years “Step and Repeats” have become extremely popular. What used to be seen only in celebrity filled events are now seen in many large gatherings. You have seen them before but maybe you do not know them by name or haven’t given them much thought. We’ll explore their benefits and use cases in this article.

A step and repeat is a type of backdrop design that is commonly used in events and photo shoots. It consists of a repeating pattern of logos, images, or text arranged in a grid pattern, with each element repeated at regular intervals.

The term "step and repeat" originated from the process of printing large-scale graphics onto a banner or fabric material. The process involves printing the same design repeatedly in a step-like pattern, which creates a repeating background.

In an event or photo shoot setting, a step and repeat backdrop is typically placed behind a red carpet or at a photo booth to create a visually appealing and branded background for guests or celebrities to take photos in front of. The pattern of the design allows for multiple people to be photographed at once without blocking the background design.

Step and repeat backdrops can be customized to include any pattern or design elements, such as logos, sponsor names, or custom graphics. They are often used in events such as award shows, premieres, charity events, and press conferences, as well as for corporate and social events.

Ok, now that we know what they are, let’s discuss why they are so popular.

Backdrop stands or step and repeats are popular in big events because they offer a few unique benefits that are particularly attractive to event organizers and attendees alike. They create an attractive and professional-looking background for photographers to take pictures of celebrities, guests, and other VIPs. The backdrop's branded design ensures that the event or sponsor's logo is prominently displayed in all event photos, which can increase brand visibility and recognition. Since the pattern repeats, if one of the brand’s logos is blocked by someone, there are other instances of the logo likely to appear still in the photo.

The photogenic qualities of backdrop stands or step and repeats create a social media buzz. Attendees can take pictures with the backdrop in the background and post them on social media, giving the event or sponsor additional exposure and publicity.

Furthermore the backdrop stands or step and repeats can help create a VIP experience for attendees. The branded backdrop can make guests feel special and can create an exclusive atmosphere for the event.

At 777sign, we specialize in a number of backdrop formats that would work well for your event’s Step and Repeat and other forms of backdrop signage. These include, standing backdrops, tension fabric backdrops, velcro pop-ups and curved velcro pop-ups. Our experts will work with you to create a fabulous and professional Step and Repeat that your guests will not be able to resist.

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