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15 mil Canvas Fabric

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Why choose our High Quality 15 mil Canvas Fabric? 

Our 15 mil. Polyester Canvas Fabric with a glossy finish is a remarkable material designed to meet the demands of professional artists, businesses, and print shops. This canvas fabric offers a thickness of 15 mil., ensuring exceptional durability and longevity. The glossy finish adds a touch of elegance and vibrancy to artworks, enhancing color saturation and capturing viewers' attention with its stunning sheen.

Crafted from high-quality polyester, this canvas is tear-resistant and strong. Its moisture-resistant properties provide added protection, ensuring that your prints and artwork maintain their integrity over time. With its glossy finish, this canvas fabric creates a visually captivating experience, making artworks truly stand out.

The dimensions of 60" x 164' offer ample room for large-scale art or prints, allowing creativity on any scale. Whether you're producing fine art prints, photography, or graphic designs, this canvas fabric provides a smooth and precise surface, resulting in sharp and detailed output. Its versatility also allows for seamless integration with different printing techniques, making it an ideal choice for professional print shops looking to expand their creative offerings.

Experience the difference that our 15 mil. Polyester Canvas Fabric with a glossy finish can bring to your prints. Elevate your artwork with its exceptional durability, stunning visual appeal, and versatility. It's time to unlock new possibilities in your print shop and impress your clients with exceptional print quality.

Product Features:

  • High Quality 15 mil. Polyester Canvas Fabric / Glossy finish
  • Indoor Use
  • Single-sided printing
  • 60" x 164'