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38" Window Perf material

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What is 70/30 Perforated Adhesive Vinyl and why is it a good choice?

70/30 perforated adhesive vinyl is a specialized type of vinyl material specifically designed for window graphics and signage. It is called "70/30" because it consists of 70% printable area and 30% perforated area.

The main feature of 70/30 perforated adhesive vinyl is its perforated pattern. The material is constructed with tiny holes or perforations that allow for one-way visibility. From the outside, people can see the printed graphics or advertising message clearly, while from the inside, individuals have a clear view through the perforated holes.

There are several reasons why 70/30 perforated adhesive vinyl is a great choice for window applications:

Enhanced Privacy: The perforated pattern of the vinyl provides privacy for those inside the building while still allowing natural light to enter. It is commonly used on storefront windows, vehicle windows, or office spaces where privacy is desired without compromising visibility from the inside.

Advertising Opportunities: The large printable area of 70/30 perforated vinyl offers ample space for vibrant and eye-catching graphics. It allows businesses to promote their brand, products, or services effectively while also transforming windows into valuable advertising real estate.

UV Protection: The vinyl material is designed to block a significant amount of harmful UV rays, providing protection to the interior space from fading or damage caused by sun exposure. This feature is especially beneficial for retail stores, offices, or vehicles that require UV protection for their merchandise, furniture, or equipment.

Easy Installation and Removal: 70/30 perforated adhesive vinyl is designed for easy installation on windows. The adhesive backing allows for smooth application and can be removed without leaving residue or damaging the window surface. This makes it convenient for temporary promotions, seasonal displays, or changing advertising campaigns.

Weather Resistance: The vinyl material is durable and weather-resistant, able to withstand outdoor elements such as rain, wind, and sunlight. This ensures that the window graphics will maintain their quality and visibility over time, making it suitable for long-term applications.

Product Features:

  • 70% printable 
  • 60" x 164 ft
  • Gloss finish
  • A protective UV coating can be applied

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