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Flyer (Flat) Horizontal - 17" x 11"

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Cardstock Postcards: A Premium Choice for Impactful Messaging

Quality flyer paper stands out for vibrant marketing needs, blending durability and ease of handling with a smooth surface optimized for high-quality prints. The ability to capture attention with bright colors, sharp text, and detailed graphics is enhanced by finishing options like satin, glossy, or matte, allowing customization to match brand aesthetics. Suitable for a range of promotional activities, these flyers come in various sizes, from event announcements to service advertisements. Their lightweight design facilitates effortless distribution, making them an intelligent choice for reaching a broader audience. This combination of aesthetic appeal and practicality ensures that your message not only stands out but also withstands the rigors of distribution, effectively amplifying your marketing efforts in a concise and impactful way.

Product Features:

  • - Superior flyer paper for vivid marketing materials
  • - Available in diverse sizes to fit various promotional needs
  • - Designed for durability and ease of handling
  • - Customizable printing options to bring unique concepts to life
  • - High-resolution printing at 1200 x 1200 dpi ensures crisp imagery and text
  • - Capable of double-sided printing to maximize design space

Best Practices:

  • We cannot color match. Please see our Color Optimization Guide in order to get great results including true black and blue colors.
  • Get the perfect cut. Please see our Die Cut Printing Guide for instructions on how to setup your design file. (Not applicable to every product or print, only products that need to be die-cut or contour cut.)
  • Clear Message. Ensure that the message on the poster is concise, clear, and easy to understand at a glance. Use bold headlines, brief text, and impactful visuals to capture attention and communicate the key information effectively.
  • Eye-Catching Design. Create a visually appealing design that grabs attention and stands out. Use vibrant colors, high-quality images, and attractive typography to make the poster visually engaging. Incorporate your branding elements to maintain consistency and reinforce brand identity.
  • Proper Placement. Position your posters in high-traffic areas where your target audience is likely to see them. Consider factors such as foot traffic flow, visibility from different angles, and locations where people tend to spend time or pause, such as waiting areas or entrances. Ensure that the poster is at an appropriate eye level for easy viewing.
  • Targeted Audience. Tailor the content and design of your poster to resonate with your specific target audience. Consider their demographics, interests, and preferences to create a message that appeals to them and sparks their interest.
  • Call to Action. Include a clear and compelling call to action on the poster, guiding viewers on what they should do next. Whether it's visiting a website, making a purchase, attending an event, or contacting your business, make it easy for viewers to take the desired action by providing relevant contact information or directing them to a specific destination.
  • Visual Hierarchy. Organize the elements on the poster in a logical and visually pleasing way. Use a hierarchy of information, with the most important details prominently displayed. Arrange the elements to guide viewers' attention smoothly and naturally from one section to another.
  • Readability and Legibility. Ensure that the text on the poster is easily readable from a distance. Use a legible font and appropriate font size to ensure clarity. Avoid overcrowding the design with too much text, and provide ample white space to enhance readability.
  • Brand Consistency. Maintain consistency with your brand's visual identity and messaging. Use consistent colors, fonts, and imagery that align with your brand guidelines. This helps to strengthen brand recognition and create a cohesive visual experience.
  • Regular Maintenance. Regularly inspect and maintain your posters to ensure they remain in good condition. Replace worn-out or damaged posters promptly to maintain a professional and well-presented display.
  • Measure and Adjust. Track the performance of your posters by monitoring response rates, customer feedback, or sales data. Use this feedback to make adjustments and improvements to your poster designs and strategies for future campaigns.

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