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portable A-Frame(hardware only)

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Need a new Portable A-Frame base?

Designed with portability in mind, our A-frame hardware is lightweight and easy to transport. Take it with you wherever you go and set up your signage in a matter of minutes. Its compact design allows for effortless storage and hassle-free assembly, saving you valuable time and effort.

Durability is key. Our portable A-frame hardware is built to withstand the rigors of both indoor and outdoor use. Crafted from high-quality materials, it offers exceptional stability and longevity, ensuring your signage remains prominent and impactful, even in challenging conditions.

Experience the convenience and impact of our portable A-frame hardware. Upgrade your advertising game and attract customers like never before. 

Product Features:

  • Stand Only
  • Fame size: 24" x 18"  
  • Designed for 24" x 6" Double Sided Coroplast Rider Sign (Not included)
  • Pennant flag can be added by the customer if needed.  (We do not offer Pennant Flag)

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