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Tent Full Wall (Full Color) -10ft

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Why should you get one or more Full Printed Walls for your Event Tent?

The increased privacy from having one or more walls on your tent is especially valuable if the event is being held in a public space or there are other events happening nearby. The custom wall can help to create a more intimate and cozy ambiance inside the tent. This is particularly valuable if the event is being held at night or in low light conditions, as it can contribute to a more enjoyable and comfortable experience for attendees.

A custom wall can also be designed to showcase the event's branding or logos, which can help to create a more professional and cohesive look and feel for the event. This can contribute to increased brand awareness and create a positive impression among attendees.

The wall will also help to prevent foot traffic from interfering with your presentations inside the tent. It is much more comfortable to present ideas and have conversations when your sales representatives have their back to a wall instead of a flow of people and noise behind them.

It will also help keep the potential customers focused on your presentation instead of looking at what’s happening through the back of your tent.  

Product Features:

  • Long Lasting Dye-Sublimation Graphics
  • Scratch Resistant
  • Waterproof coated fabric
  • Fabric material full-color print.
  • Black Reinforced Strip.   
  • Carrying Bag Available and Sold Separately.
  • Tent poles are 2” - square poles

Best Practices (For Event Tents):

  • We cannot color match. Please see our Color Optimization Guide in order to get great results including true black and blue colors.
  • Plan your layout: Plan your booth layout in advance to ensure you make the best use of your space. Consider the placement of tables, chairs, and product displays to create an inviting and functional space for attendees.
  • Choose the right size. Make sure you choose the right size tent for your needs. Your tent should be large enough to accommodate your booth displays, but not so large that it overwhelms your space. Our tents are 10ft but contact us if you have other size needs, we might be able to help out.
  • Use high-quality graphics. Use high-quality graphics and images that accurately represent your brand and messaging. This will help to attract attendees and make your booth stand out from the competition.
  • Utilize lighting. Incorporate lighting into your booth design to create a warm and inviting atmosphere. This can also help to highlight your products and displays.
  • Be mindful of traffic flow. Consider the traffic flow of the event and position your booth to maximize visibility and foot traffic. Avoid obstructing aisles or creating bottlenecks that can deter attendees from visiting your booth.
  • Staff your booth appropriately. Make sure you have enough staff to engage with attendees and answer any questions they may have. Staff should be knowledgeable about your products and services and able to provide helpful information to potential customers.
  • Make it interactive. Consider incorporating interactive elements into your booth design, such as product demos or interactive displays. This can help to engage attendees and create a memorable experience that reinforces your brand and messaging.

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